Courtesy of Sarah Jones Nelson
I was invited to lunch with John Forbes Nash, Jr. in Prospect House at Princeton University
March 3rd, 2015,
after the premiere of my Requiem in Manhattan
January 30th, 2015.

I became a composer in order to perfect my artistry from an early age at an advanced level. I would be honored to pursue composition as a future member of a University community.


Over the past five years I have carefully completed a major work of musical art, setting to music a Baptism Mass in G Major, a Nuptial Mass in C Major, and a Requiem Mass in D Minor. I composed each nine-movement mass, for full choir, with four soloists and orchestra, using the original Latin liturgy for each ceremony.


I started composing the Requiem Mass in 2012 while a resident composer at the Villa Ruffieux Résidence d'artistes, a part of the Chateau Mercier Foundation, in Sierre, Switzerland. After my residency I traveled through Switzerland, Germany, and France to inspire my composing. I completed the composition in 2015 and hosted the premiere in January that year to a large and distinguished audience at the Church of the Incarnation in Manhattan.


Afterwards I composed the Baptism Mass and the Nuptial Mass. I also composed a series of twelve string quartets, my own version of The Four Seasons, comprised of a five-movement mass without words for each month of the year in each of the twelve keys of the circle of fourths and fifths.


I am a naturally red-haired composer with a deep love for classical music. I am also interested in sports, swimming, and snowboarding.


I enjoy long-distance exercise such as swimming against the current of a river. Whether snowboarding down Zermatt or swimming the canal of the Château de Fontainebleau, I always put safety first and live every day to the fullest.


Each human being must choose how to influence the ages. I compose music that resonates with the classical past --- to transform the immortal future. I am unwavering in my faith that my music will bring the world enduring love and understanding, now and forever.