I was invited to have breakfast with John Forbes Nash, Jr. in Prospect House at Princeton University on March 3rd, 2015 after the premiere of my Requiem in New York City
Courtesy of Sarah Jones Nelson
I was invited to lunch with John Forbes Nash, Jr. in Prospect House at Princeton University
March 3rd, 2015,
after the premiere of my Requiem in Manhattan
January 30th, 2015.

I became a composer in order to perfect my artistry from an early age at an advanced level. I would be honored to pursue composition as a future member of a University community.


Over the past five years I have carefully completed a major work of musical art, setting to music a Baptism Mass in G Major, a Nuptial Mass in C Major, and a Requiem Mass in D Minor. I composed each nine-movement mass, for full choir, with four soloists and orchestra, using the original Latin liturgy for each ceremony.


I started composing the Requiem Mass in 2012 while a resident composer at the Villa Ruffieux Résidence d'artistes, a part of the Chateau Mercier Foundation, in Sierre, Switzerland. After my residency I traveled through Switzerland, Germany, and France to inspire my composing. I completed the composition in 2015 and hosted the premiere in January that year to a large and distinguished audience at the Church of the Incarnation in Manhattan.


Afterwards I composed the Baptism Mass and the Nuptial Mass. I also composed a series of twelve string quartets, my own version of The Four Seasons, comprised of a five-movement mass without words for each month of the year in each of the twelve keys of the circle of fourths and fifths.


I am a naturally red-haired composer with a deep love for classical music. I am also interested in sports, swimming, and snowboarding.


I enjoy long-distance exercise such as swimming against the current of a river. Whether snowboarding down Zermatt or swimming the canal of the Château de Fontainebleau, I always put safety first and live every day to the fullest.


Each human being must choose how to influence the ages. I compose music that resonates with the classical past --- to transform the immortal future. I am unwavering in my faith that my music will bring the world enduring love and understanding, now and forever.