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Rejuvenation in Red at the French Consulate

Rejuvenation in Red at the French Consulate

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May 23, 2022

French Consulate of New York

Oboe - Adam Leties

Violin I - Verena Chen

Violin II - Juliette Leroux

Viola - Valentin Chiapello

Cello - Caroline Sypniewski

Rejuvenation in Red was inspired by a dream in which I revealed a new work of art, of my own creation, on a napkin at a restaurant, to a small group of friends. The artwork depicted a figure, wearing a red hood and cloak, kneeling before a large open cave. In the dream, I stated “This is called Rejuvenation in Red.” The musical ideas that I combined depict the difficult and thorny journey of this person as they approach the cave, following a trail of blood, depicted by the oboe, ending with the arrival at the cave and supplication before the mystery within.

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